There’s Still Time

Childhood provided us with a sense of wonder, endless possibilities, and boundless hope.  The only limitation between us and our dreams was the time it took to be grown-up.  The most amazing and important gift we are given as children is this sense of positive encouragement to dream big and be whatever it is we want.  The tragedy is it’s taken from us.

A day comes when childhood dreams are no longer accepted.  We are strongly encouraged to abandon those dreams and be realistic.  To live in the real world and contribute to society.  To leave childish thoughts behind.  No longer encouraged to dream or chase those dreams an inherent part of ourselves is abandoned.  And if you don’t conform, life will do the job for you.  Those who failed or never had the courage to try will ensure we don’t bother.  They tell us it’s not realistic, we have to choose something else.  These people that wake up at fifty and have an affair, or buy a motorcycle to mask the gaping hole inside because they never truly lived the way they dreamed, the way they wanted, we listen to them.

They are our leaders, our teachers, our parents and role models and we believe they know best when they have no more credentials to know anything about life than having more time invested.  We, in a struggle to find ourselves, allow them to define us.  Happiness can only come from us defining ourselves, but we’re never told that.  I’m tired of feeling like a failure because I’m not made to conform to their mold.  I’m tired of struggling against something I know I can’t find happiness in.  I’m tired of lying to myself, pretending they were right.  They weren’t.

We worship our celebrities, our entertainers, our athletes, but we put them so far above ourselves they become Greek Gods, myths and legends that have no connection to the real world.  But they are people, just like us.  They had dreams and they did everything to achieve them and didn’t listen to the dissenting voices tell them it wasn’t a viable career, or that they couldn’t make it.  They knew themselves, they listened, and they chased their dreams.

We all need to return to that youthful bliss that told us not to be afraid, do it and just see what happens just to say you did.  Instant recognition and overnight success are rare illusions.  Climb the thousand steps to the temple of your dreams and if that temple is defaced and empty apologize for the ignorant masses, the ones who built their Mecca out of childhood hopes and dreams and left them abandoned to die from exposure.  Reclaim your temple, revive that childhood sense of possibility that was destroyed before it could ever bear fruit.  Find yourself and then tell yourself ‘they were wrong’.

It’s still there, those moments you see a puppy in a cloud, when you wake up from a nightmare convinced there is someone in your bedroom, when you look to the stars and wonder ‘what’s out there’.  It’s still there.  Laughed at and abandoned it’s crawled away to the safety of a cave and only shows itself when you won’t notice.  So notice.  Encourage it, feed it, water it, nurture it, let it grow like you used to when it was everything you knew, when it was completely you.  Before they told you not to.  Make an imaginary friend.  Try to outrun your shadow.  Don’t be afraid to dream.


One thought on “There’s Still Time

  1. Nice start. Enjoyed the recitation. Seems like a Carpe diem type philosophy. Looking forward to great and interesting creations from you.

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