On the Eve of a New Year

I’m very glad to be past the major holidays.  While they were an enjoyable time the stress has worn me down.  Maybe some of it is some mental click that occurs due to the colder weather.  Either way,  I’ve not done anything productive since October or so.  C’est la vie.

I’m restraining myself from doing any year end assessments as my “year of writing seriously” started in Feb.  I’ll make a post then and give some statistics about the year-in-review and setup goals for year two.  But for tonight my resolution is to write every day and to finish my novel.

Happy 2014 – Hope goals are achieved for anyone aiming higher than where they are.


2 thoughts on “On the Eve of a New Year

  1. Well I don’t want to wait until February for an assessment! I say give it early…

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