I’m already a month behind on my audit. I don’t really know what to make note of but I’ll throw some things out there.

I’ve failed writing everyday. I think it’s just too much of a lifestyle change.  Trying to go from zero to sixty. So my goal now is to write every other day and if I can meet that as a baseline then I’m in a better position to move forward.

My personal opinion of the previous writing year isn’t very positive.  I don’t feel like I did enough and I’m disappointed.

I’ve got a first-draft of a novel stuck at 41k.  I’m very excited about the novel, but I dread moving forward on it so I’ve focused on writing short-stories and getting published.  Neither has gotten me very far.

I’ve been in a slump since around October that I’m still fighting my way out of.  I can’t say I haven’t written at all, but it’s been  a much, much lower frequency than I would be happy with.

Since October I submitted 9 stories and had all of them rejected.  So one goal for 2014 is to submit more than I did last year and – cross my fingers – get one of them published.  I’ve got 27 stories in varying degrees of completion. Some worth finishing, others not.

I’m also disappointed with the number of books I’m reading, so I have a goal to get that number up as well.

So there it is, my writing State-of-the-Union and to mark the occasion I’ve just submitted a story for rejection. Wish me luck.


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