Looking Back – Another Audit

Now that 2015 is moving forward and we can already see our resolutions splitting apart at the seams, what better time to take a look back at 2014.

Last year I performed my audit of 2013 a month late and this year I’m right on time! Booyah. Small victories.

I still haven’t done the best job of keeping tabs on things, so it’s not the easiest to go back and try to summarize, but it looks as if I wrote 7 stories last year and I submitted 7 stories. Now by the data alone that doesn’t look that great. In 2013 I wrote 27 stories, although not all of them were finished and I submitted 9. I actually feel a lot better about 2014. The stories I wrote last year were longer and more fleshed out. 2013 was a year of flash stories. I also feel that the last few stories I’ve written actually have potential. And it’s pretty cool to actually see it show up in my work. I’ve spent more time revising and rewriting than I did before, probably because I can tell it’s worth trying to improve them. And they’ve all been closer to 10k words than a measly 1k.

I also received my first hold request on a submission and positive comments from the editor despite the work not being right at that time.

Sadly, I’ve not made any progress on the novel. I did run over a few chapters, taking notes and attempted to make some changes and get the story flowing again, but I had another short story pull me away. I think I’m fine with this at the moment. I feel like working on short stories is a good focus for me at the moment and as soon as I get what I’m working on currently finished up I’ll make the novel priority number one while the shorts I’ve polished get bounced around the circuit.

The October Slump hit me pretty hard again. It’s something I really need to keep tabs on and see what’s going on. I’m slowly figuring out my process, what works for me and what doesn’t. And for whatever reason it seems April, May and June are highly productive months for me while Oct-??? aren’t.

My goals this year are again, write everyday (even if it’s only 250 words), submit a story a month, and something, something, something. Pretty sure there was another one. Oh, read more, I have a lot I need to improve on, but I know I’m better than I was last year and that’s at least forward momentum even if the numbers don’t reflect it.

I really feel like 2015 is the year I could become a published writer and I’m excited to see where this year takes me. I’ve got a 10k story waiting for the red pen of my SO, and one I just finished revisions on this weekend that was submitted last night. I obsess too much over my work and my submissions and pretty much everything there is to obsess about. I’m trying to keep focused on tasks so instead of obsessing I stay busy and produce more.

So here’s hoping 2015 is a year of dream fulfillment for us all.



I’m already a month behind on my audit. I don’t really know what to make note of but I’ll throw some things out there.

I’ve failed writing everyday. I think it’s just too much of a lifestyle change.  Trying to go from zero to sixty. So my goal now is to write every other day and if I can meet that as a baseline then I’m in a better position to move forward.

My personal opinion of the previous writing year isn’t very positive.  I don’t feel like I did enough and I’m disappointed.

I’ve got a first-draft of a novel stuck at 41k.  I’m very excited about the novel, but I dread moving forward on it so I’ve focused on writing short-stories and getting published.  Neither has gotten me very far.

I’ve been in a slump since around October that I’m still fighting my way out of.  I can’t say I haven’t written at all, but it’s been  a much, much lower frequency than I would be happy with.

Since October I submitted 9 stories and had all of them rejected.  So one goal for 2014 is to submit more than I did last year and – cross my fingers – get one of them published.  I’ve got 27 stories in varying degrees of completion. Some worth finishing, others not.

I’m also disappointed with the number of books I’m reading, so I have a goal to get that number up as well.

So there it is, my writing State-of-the-Union and to mark the occasion I’ve just submitted a story for rejection. Wish me luck.