Been Too Long . . .

Apologies for the delays in updates. The other day was National Poetry Day and I meant to take the time and get an update on here, but I failed. Better late than never.

For There Be Monsters

Time passes, moods change, love dies
The future marches forward, the past lies motionless,
But not without moments of resurrecting
Ghosts long wished forgotten

The present stalls, as does our breath
For in our hearts we know that truly nothing
Worth forgetting is ever remembered.

Fickle dreams of yesterday question thoughts of what’s
Yet to come, yet to be, yet not conceived.
And yet, tomorrow always comes, yields to no one,
Takes nothing but the promise and gives nothing
But regret in return.

And with eyes open and heart in hand you return to the moment
That never ends.
The here and now, heading for the hereafter
And longing for the before and the never.

Will we remember or be lost in our cause or purpose?
Tomorrow and yesterday are not places to rest your bones.
Nor is hope or regret.

Let not the rising tide, the ebb and flow, affect your plans.
Set sail regardless of the tide, the weather, or the gibbous moon.
Set sail and if reaching your destination is averted by the Fates
Or Poseidon, sail on.

Set sail and go until you reach the ends of the Earth
And sail onward.

For there be monsters.