Status of Things

So I’m still plugging away. I haven’t felt very productive recently. I got some feedback on my recent stories and plan to do at least one more revision on them to incorporate a couple of suggestions, but I’ve been tied up with two other stories I’m working on.

The main story I’m working on now was inspired when I found a pocket watch that had been left to me. I can’t remember exactly when or how I got it, but I know from my father it belonged to my great-grandfather, Andrew. It’s never worked since I’ve had it, so I popped it open to get a look at the clockwork. Apparently, the winding gear is broken, not sure how difficult or expensive it would be to fix or replace, and I’m not sure that it’s the only problem.

Anyways, so that sparked the idea of a young man in the early 1900’s, taking a leave of his studies to return home after his grandfather’s death. He discovers, while going through the estate, a pocket watch that was left to him and, after some time with it, discovers it has a mysterious ability.

I like the idea, I’m just not sure how it’s going to play out. I’ve also been reading Chekhov and Wells to mimic their style and vocabulary to set it in the time period. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve written. Usually takes me about an hour to write 250 words or so just because I’m focusing on a different style, but it’s fun.

I’m also toying around with the idea of posting some stories on this blog, maybe one here and there when I feel it won’t sell but still see worth in the story. At the moment I’m not really sure, but then again, worst case scenario I could always delete it later if I thought it was crap.

I’m also lacking much of an audience, but maybe that’s because I’m lacking the content. I know this blog tends to fall by the wayside with everything else I have to focus on in life.



It starts . . .

After spending the past few months taking a break from my novel and focusing on short stories I’ve finally (slowly) started sending them out.  Once I get published this site will serve as a portfolio of my published work.  So stay tuned, check back, or sign up for the newsletter because more is coming.